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My Generation

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  • Artist: Starfield
  • Album: Beauty in the Broken
  • Language: English
  • Track Number: 1
  • Selected by: Eugene Seredyuk
  • Тематика: Поклонение  Прославление  
  • Songs of the album:


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My generation tabs and chords by Starfield


G|------------------------b9----|   (^ down stoke)
D|-66-66-77-77-99-99-1010-b10---|   (v up stroke)
A|-66-66-77-77-99-99-1010-b10---|   (wait a min of 1s
between each
E|-44-44-55-55-77-77-8-8--------|    ^v  and another ^v)
   ^v ^v ^v ^v ^v ^v ^v
use your palm to do the "effect" while changing the chords

Verse 1 (acoustic gtr)

E                     E/C
There is something more
 A2         E/C              E                E/C
hello, we're going down the hallway to the door
  A2                        E/C
we know there's something more
   E                 E/C
Our soul has a got a hole
   A2          E/C            E  E/C A2
we know but what's it waiting for

Verse 2
scattered in the street
like dreams and destiny
the things we wanna be
are scattered in the streets

If we're coming clean
we've seen to know we're incomplete

Verse 2(electric gtr)


Chorus: (for electric guitar, just use power chords for
E                Am
How do we feel, how do we feel
E                C           D
my generation is aching for real
E                Am
dying for love cryin for truth
E                 C          D
my generation is aching for you

Country of our own
is all we're asking for
a place to call our home
a country of our own
we know it must be close
our souls are searching through the cold
the cold, the cold

Bridge-E  Am x4

Chorus: x3
How do we feel, how do we feel
my generation is aching for real
dyin for love, cryin for truth
my generation is aching for you


Added: 04 май 2013 | Eugene