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Looking For One
Jake Hamilton

Ton: D
Intro (D F#m G A)x4

Jesus came to save the world
Then He let us give it a whirl and we messed it up
But I'm not giving up
Cause as far as I know, mercy still remains
And judgement only comes if I don't remain faithful
You'll find me faithful

(Cause) You're looking for one
Who can feel Your heart beat
Who can feel when You lead
In the time and the season
You're looking for one
Who will stand in the gap
Who will never look back
Finds Your heart in their freedom
You're looking for one


I've heard it said that You hate our whow
All You want is for us to know justice
And what true love is
Our melodies will never do
And all these programs keeping You distant
Have we missed it
You're looking for one

You choose the broken, You choose the weak
You favor the humble, You raise up the meek
Blessed are those who are found poor in spirit
For their's is the kingdom, it's so hard to hear it
You don't shy away from the foolish and fumbling
You're able to raise up the tired and stumbling
Just when we think that our work is all done
I hear Your heart

You're looking for one...


Added: 18 янв 2014 | Александр Нагорняк

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